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Nigredo A Decomposition, installation view, Raven Row 2019. Nephertiti Schandorf and Blaize Henry

Nigredo A Decomposition


Nigredo A Decomposition is a new durational work based on ritual and repetition. The work and its name are both an allusion to and a word play on the nigredo period of alchemy. Referencing the state of blackness, putrefaction and decomposition crucial to the turning of base materials into gold.



For this performance a violinist repeatedly ‘tunes’ their instrument constructing a type of improvised de/composition. Over a period of 45 minutes, they share with a small audience the intimacy of meditation and sound.

This piece is part of a series of experimental sound based performances co-programmed at Raven Row by Beverley Bennett, Nephertiti Schandorf and Himali Singh Soin that respond to theory, text and shared cultural histories.


Violin, Blaize Henry

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