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Jam in the Dark, Larry Achiampong, 2008-present. Behind-the-scenes footage, directed by Ruth Sewell.


Larry Achiampong’s Jam in the Dark is a sound-sculpture experiment; ever-changing and improvised in pitch-black space. Using darkness as a unifying presence between audience and musicians, the artwork is an act of rebellion against the traditional indicators of status and hierarchy.

If I were in your shoes (bread, education, freedom), Marco Godoy, 2016.


Marco Godoy’s If I were in your shoes (bread, education, freedom) responds to discussions held in a series of reading groups as part of the curatorial research for the show. Addressing the dynamics of empathy heard, felt and handed down in political protest this commission unfurled in three parts; a short film distributed online, performances in South Kensington and a projection at the Royal College of Art.


Curated by Rafael Barber Cortell, Inês Geraldes Cardoso, Léa Herbeth, Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez and Nephertiti Oboshie Schandorf

Sorry you missed me was a multi-site curatorial intervention using 'contagion' as its methodology.  By reconstructing the traditional exhibition format, the project produced a dispersed programme without a fixed space or time frame.


This methodology provided the foundations of newly commissioned and collaborative works comprised of original performances, sound-based sculpture, performative painting and online commissions, that invited audience-participants to navigate the ‘traces’ of missed connections.

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